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About us

Let Us Tell You Our Story

Dogomote Farms plc is a young agricultural company engaged in the field of commercial fodder/forage, livestock and goat farming in southern part of Ethiopia. We have 1000 hectares of land in Ngyangatom woreda of South Omo zone which is allocated for green fodder/forage farming which includes alfalfa, sudan-grass, elephant grass, Rhodes, panicum, corn, soybean other plant verities development which will be used for livestock and goat feed purposes. We also have developed 30 hectare of land in Gamo zone of Mirab Abaya district which is fitted out with all necessary livestock farm facilities including a borehole of 125meter depth for the cattle and green fodder farming. Developing a commercial animal feed production and engaging on forage cultivation and livestock farm are our main focus of this project. It tackles the widely observed problem of the project surrounding community animal feed problem and livestock market network.

  • EXCELLENCE Reflected in the highest quality green fodder and healthy grass feed livestock and products and the best possible service to our customers.
  • INNOVATION Demonstrated by our ongoing investment in new product development and continuous process improvements.
  • COLLABORATION We thrive to provide our clients with customized solutions to the pastoral communities and evolving challenges regarding government policies and customer interest.
  • INTEGRITY Expressed in our commitment to professional ethics, integrity and honesty throughout every facet of our organization.
  • SAFETY We strictly work with our safety principle for the quality of green fodder farming and livestock production in regard with safe environmental protection and safety rules.

Why Choose us?


Ensuring efficient and effective supply of green fodder to the pastoral communities and our clients across with high quality grass feed live animals and quality organic meat.

Core Value



To create a modern green fodder/forager and livestock production farm which encompasses the surrounding local communities in the feedlot farming chain business in south Ethiopia and a leading green feed livestock meat supplier in Ethiopia.