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Livestock Farming

The supply of cattle, sheep and goats for meat production is usually traditional livestock fattening in the intensively cultivated mixed production system in the highland areas of the region. These production systems are acknowledged for possessing better quality indigenous cattle and goat breeds, which can serve as a supply of breeding stock for the market.The process of farm is natural process only what we do is only accelerating the natural process of accumulation of fat on the cattle and goat. The fattening activities and work flow is as

The fattening activities and work flow

  • Collection and selection of the calves
  • Test the health, age and physical conditions
  • Transport them to farm
  • Take a record for the follow up of the activities
  • Perform a vaccination and medical treatment
  • Clean them before they proceed to the shelter and fattening compound
  • The main and the most important part of the process is follow up the daily feeding and watering
  • The follow up includes checking the health status
  • If there is a one who is treat for others health, isolate to isolation ward and care for his health status
  • Finally when they gain weight and raised the farm will make them ready to exit.
  • They will transport to the market