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Livestock (cattle and goat)


We do contract livestock (cattle and goat) farming for our customers within the country and on export market. Our vast livestock fattening facilities and green forage farm makes us more preferable than our competitors in the country. We will keep the required number of cattle or goat until it will be ready for export or supply of meat and abattoir purposes.

Fodder seed multiplication

We have two site that serve as for fodder/forage farming in Gamo zone of Mirab Abaya woreda and Ngyangatom woreda of south Omo Zone. From the two farms will collect enough seeds and multiply for commercial and our own farm expansions. We do seed farming based on the request of different government and non-government organization in the project area and apart.

Pastoral Support Projects

Work with NGOs and government organizations for pastoral support projects

Commercial forage farming

We Commercial fodder/forage farming supply for various types of fodder orders within the country and abroad. Livestock feed such as green fodders including baled alfalafa,Rhodes, panicum,sudan grass and other fodder varieties.